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Introduction to the Ai Brand

What the Ai Brand means

The first character in the name of Ehime Prefecture is the character for 'love', which is usually pronounced 'ai' - hence the name of the brand. Based on the unifying concept that the agricultural and marine products of Ehime are made with love, the Ehime Ai-Food Promotion Organization authorizes Ai Brand ( Ehime Quality Products ) that epitomize the following three aspects of love; love for people and the environment, represented by safety and peace of mind; love for the produce, represented by quality; and love for the home region, represented by unique local produce.

Products recognized by the Ai Brand
The Ai Brand covers agricultural and marine products and their derivatives, which are cultivated, raised, harvested or fished in Ehime Prefecture.
In this case, derivatives includes products that undergo processes to improve their preservability, handling and appearance, such as washing, cleaning, cutting, refrigeration, and freezing, as well as the processes of steaming, rubbing and drying tea, and drying shiitake mushrooms.

Positioning of the Ai Brand
(1)A leading brand Positioning of the Ai Brand
The brand is for high-quality representatives of the principal agricultural and marine products of Ehime Prefecture that will promote expanded sales in markets mainly outside the prefecture. It also covers new products developed by research and testing institutions in Ehime, and products based on unique production technologies that can be expected to create new demand and increase sales.
(2)A regional specialty brand
The brand is for products that, although produced in small amounts, are limited to this region. These products are distinctive, with characteristics not found elsewhere. They will form the core of a sales strategy that targets specific consumers and markets, such as restaurants featuring select ingredients, food lovers and so on.

Ai Brand authorization procedure
The Ehime Brand Certification Council will be established with experts. In response to requests for applications from producers' organizations, it will inspect products deemed appropriate by the Ehime Ai-Food Promotion Organization committee.
The inspection will assess the suitability of the product as a representative of the Ai Brand, based on a presentation concerning the application.

Period of authorization
Three years from the day of authorization.

  Detailed information about the Ai Brand

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